August 13, 2021
Trip 2 Recap

Our team was back in town late July for trip 2 of the Lubbock Branding Project! The focus of this trip was public engagement — we wanted to speak to as many different types of people as possible in order to understand what Lubbock means to them. We kicked the trip off with a committee

May 13, 2021
Trip 1 Recap

The team headed to Lubbock for a kickoff meeting with the branding committee and our initial visit, where we explored some of Lubbock’s most famous places and got a taste of what life in Lubbock is like. On day 1 of our first visit to Lubbock, we held a kickoff meeting with the branding committee

May 6, 2021
About the Engagement Process

The Importance of True Engagement On any civic project, whether it’s to develop a comprehensive plan, redesign an area, or define a cohesive identity like with this project, public input is perhaps the singular most important factor. Engagement with the public provides the direction, buy-in and feedback the project needs to be a long-term success.

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