December 15, 2021
Trip 3 Recap

First Friday Art Trails & Live Podcast The CivicBrand team visited Lubbock for Trip #3 and our first stop was the First Friday Art Trail. This was an event that kept coming up in focus groups, interviews and conversations as a must-see event. In addition to enjoying the music, food and visiting all of the

November 29, 2021
Community Survey Results

Now that the community survey is closed, here are some of the key results! Survey Takers 757 total respondents 94.5% Lubbock residents 64% White 19.3% Hispanic or Latino 6.3% Black or African American 39.2% Students 40.5% aged 24 or under 24.9% aged 25-44 23.9% aged 45-64 Since the primary focus of engagement is doing it

August 13, 2021
Trip 2 Recap

Our team was back in town late July for trip 2 of the Lubbock Branding Project! The focus of this trip was public engagement — we wanted to speak to as many different types of people as possible in order to understand what Lubbock means to them. We kicked the trip off with a committee

May 13, 2021
Trip 1 Recap

The team headed to Lubbock for a kickoff meeting with the branding committee and our initial visit, where we explored some of Lubbock’s most famous places and got a taste of what life in Lubbock is like. On day 1 of our first visit to Lubbock, we held a kickoff meeting with the branding committee

May 6, 2021
About the Engagement Process

The Importance of True Engagement On any civic project, whether it’s to develop a comprehensive plan, redesign an area, or define a cohesive identity like with this project, public input is perhaps the singular most important factor. Engagement with the public provides the direction, buy-in and feedback the project needs to be a long-term success.

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