September 22, 2021

Branding Lubbock, Episode 2 – Business

Episode 2 - Business  podcast

In this episode of the Branding Lubbock podcast, Ryan and Brisa from the CivicBrand team are joined by Ryker of WunderTRE to discuss the Lubbock business climate. Ryker then interviews the following individuals to get their take:

  • Mike McDougal – Investor/Mentor/Business Leader
  • Cathy Potter – Member Relations Director, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce
  • Taylor McAlpine –  Founder, Local LBK
  • Kalah Sprabeary – President & Owner, HUB Funding Solutions

The Branding Lubbock podcast is part of the Branding Lubbock project. The goal of the project is to develop a community-wide brand that supports and elevates all city organizations, people, entities, businesses and residents.

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