Trip 3 Recap

First Friday Art Trails & Live Podcast

The CivicBrand team visited Lubbock for Trip #3 and our first stop was the First Friday Art Trail. This was an event that kept coming up in focus groups, interviews and conversations as a must-see event. In addition to enjoying the music, food and visiting all of the amazing artists galleries, we also had a booth at the event where we engaged the public directly, promoted the community survey, and recorded a live episode of the Branding Lubbock podcast — focusing on arts & entertainment.


$5 for 5 Minutes

An essential part of the public engagement process is equitable engagement. That means we have to really go where the people are — we can’t expect them to come to us. Additionally, to reach some groups we need to make extra effort to ensure their voice is heard. As part of the engagement process, we closely monitored survey results and who we were reaching and who we weren’t. We had very clear demographic targets that we wanted to make sure that we hit to ensure we were getting a truly equitable representation of the entire community.  The CivicBrand team partnered with United Supermarkets at two different locations and offered shoppers “$5 for 5 minutes.”  The shoppers got a quick and easy $5 bill for just spending 5 minutes answering our survey questions.


Downtown at West Table & Cotton Court

Downtown is an essential district in the identity of Lubbock. We team arranged a photo and video shoot at Brewery LBK, West Table, and the Midnight Shift at Cotton Court to capture content to be used in future promotional campaigns for downtown.

Uncorked Wine Event

The team also attended the Uncorked Wine event put on by the Chamber of Commerce. This was another opportunity to not only see a key community event but to engage the public and meet people where they are. We had a booth at the event where we talked to attendees and passed out cards that promoted the community survey.


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